Thursday, 20 September 2012

My Holiday in Mallorca

It has been almost a month and a half since coming back off my hols.  I thought I would show you all some photos of my week spent in the sun.

This was the view from our balcony...isn't it pretty!!  We stayed in Cala d'Or on the east side of the Island.  The hotel was the Barcelo Ponent Playa and as you can see was directly next to the beach.  The water was crystal clear but surprisingly cold.  As a non swimmer my limit was up to my shoulders.  Not to my neck as that was too deep.  I wish I wasn't scared of water. : (

On our first night we went for dinner at the marina and this was our first jug of Sangria...mmm

We visitied Palma on a day trip by coach.  It took about an hour and a half and the coach was so hot I thought I was going to pass out!  When we got there we had some lunch and mooched about but before we left we had to go and see the cathedral.

On my birthday we travelled by boat to a small town called Porto Colom.  It was a pretty little place but nothing to do!

On one of our nights out we went to a cocktail bar called Cheeki Tiki.  The cocktails were fab but soooo strong.  One was my limit!

Everywhere you go there are these beautiful flowers growing.   

This was one of my dinner's out.  We were staying half board so ate in the hotel most nights.  This was nachos with guacamole and a side of onion rings

This was one of the nicest pizzas I have ever eaten.  So tasty and not too filling.  Yum!

The final photo is of my man and I on our last night. <3>

I had a nice week away in the sun, relaxing and enjoying the weather.  It went far too quickly but doesn't it always! I would recommend Mallorca and definitely Cala d'Or, not too rowdy and quite family orientated.    Now to plan the next holiday...

Friday, 20 July 2012

I am back for good this time : )

Well I am back.  I can't believe it has been almost 3 years since I was last here...

The reason for my absence back in 2009 - I split up from my boyfriend of 7 years and moved out of our home.  Things weren't easy, I had to get a place on my own (the first time ever living alone) and I had no internet or even computer. :(

I have been meaning to get back on here and blog but time just flies by and before I knew it 3 years had passed.  I still live in the house I picked all on my own but now live with an adorable man whom I am engaged to be married to.  The wedding is planned for 2014.  My cat (from my past relationship)came to live with me about 2 years ago so we are a proper little family again.

I am going to Mallorca next week so thought I would get my first post in before I go.  I'm only going on holiday so will be back in no time.  To get myself beach and sun ready (hasn't this summer been dreadful!) I am currently going through a healthy phase; lots of clean eating and gym visits.  To kick start my exercise routine I bought myself a little present... 

This is a Polar FT60 heart rate monitor.  For those of you that don't know you wear it like a watch and have an exercise band that goes around your chest.  When you exercise the information from the band goes onto the watch so it records everything from current heart rate, desired heart rate levels for age/height/weight and calories burned.  It's a wonderful piece of kit.  I can't believe how much exercise you need to do just to burn off a couple of hundred calories!  I am trying to lose a bit of weight so my weekly target is set at 2100 calories to be burned each week or a minimum of 4 and a half hours.  Yikes....

I am really looking forward to my holiday next week.  There are 5 of us going to the resort of Cala D'Or.  I have been to Mallorca many moons ago but never to this resort so it should be good.  Our hotel is right on the beach so I am thinking sunbathing, sea, cocktails and relaxing.  Hopefully we will fit in a visit to Palma as well.  We are celebrating 3 things whilst we are over there; my sister-in-law's birthday, my birthday and also it will be a year since I got engaged.  More about how that happened next time.

See you all soon x