Sunday, 26 July 2009


In my absence of blogging I have gotten my 2nd tattoo. I have been thinking about it for a while (my first one is three stars on my back which I got 5 years ago). I knew I wanted something on the inside of my wrist. When we were in Las Vegas in April I considered having something done then (the tattoo shop is half owned by Chester Bennington from Linkin Park and I thought it would have been amazing to say I had it done there!). I did look through all the designs but didn't see anything I liked. I then spotted a tattoo on here and decided I wanted what she had. So on the 18th July off I went to Abody in Leicester to get it done. £50 and 30 mins later this is what I got...

I am going through a phase at the moment and feel the need for a change. The best things I find that help are nail varnish and hair dye. Here are the results.

I promise the only other change I will get will be new clothes, no more tattoos for at least a couple of years! Does anyone else have moments where they feel they need a change???


  1. Nice tattoo, Rachel! I'm too old and too cowardly to get one done now, but when I was younger (MUCH younger!) I would have! I was at a Compassionate Living Fair in Edinburgh on Saturday and there were lots of tatoos about. One woman had them all across the top of her chest and all down both arms! They looked good and I told her so!
    Your hair looks great, too. Nice look! :o)

  2. Sorry! I just realised I mis-spelled your name! :o(

  3. haha oh my god I just did a double take when I saw your tatto!!

  4. Hi Sal,

    I still think yours is better than mine. The background has faded since I took the pic and I am growing to love it more. Thanks for posting the pic in the first place!