Wednesday, 10 June 2009

I love Fernie

This is Fernie. She is our cat. We were given her 4 years ago when her carer moved away. She is a little minx but is oh so loving when her food comes out. We think she is around 10 years old but cannot be sure for definite. We called her "Cat" for 3 years before finding out what her name was. She hates other cats with a passion. She loves lying on the bed and chasing light movements. She will only eat packet food of one of three brands. She moults like there is no tomorrow but absolutely hates being brushed. Twice when her coat was greasy we had to put her in the shower....I so wish I had my camera at those times.

I love my cat and my cat loves me : )


  1. Fernie is adorable! I love the rest of your posts with your thrift/charity finds! The black and white plate is so amazing. I look forward to reading more. Have a great day Rachael!


  2. Fernie is gorgeous! We love our cats, too!
    I'm just trying to catch up on your posts as my old blogger blog wasn't showing them. I've been looking for nice plates at car boot sales, too, as well as charity shops, to ring the changes in my food photos.

  3. Hi Rachael, about your comment on my blog, i get my gluten flour from

    Your kitty is so cute, my cat when I was a kid had the same colouring - gorgeous!!