Friday, 5 June 2009

So much food, so little time

I have been doing lots of cooking lately and plan on doing more this weekend. I bought a new vegan cook book the other day so plan on sampling some of its delights. I made some tacos the other day which were yummy. I love the dried TVP mince so try to cook with it as often as possible. These were alittle watery and kinda fell apart when I ate them but you are supposed to get messing when you eat tacos...right? In the background is a glass of chocolate soya milk which I bought reduced for just 19p for 1 litre.

I have been trying to snack more healthly lately just because I feel I should do being a vegan. I had an Alpro soya yogurt (strawberry and banana flavour which is my fav) and 1/2 tin of peaches and 1/2 tin of pineapple rings. Oh and two kiwi fruits. In the background is all my

Curry is always a meal I make whenever I have veg to use up. I usually chuck in whatever I have. I prefer white rice so served it with the curry and two poppadoms. I wanted naan bread but couldn't find any that didn't contain milk...grrr...

I try not to buy biscuits as making them is so easy. This week I made raisin and pecan cookies. G was eating them before I had even finished baking the 2nd batch. These were very quick to make and very worth it.

I have always wondered what a cobbler was like (I love crumbles and knew they were similar). I made this simple blueberry cobbler. Unfortunately I used a dish that was too big so my topping looks kinda sparse. Next time I will double the topping. It was great but doesn't match a mighty crumble.

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  1. Hello!

    I just discovered your blog and love it! I will definitely be a regular reader from now on!

    Yes I think eating tacos is always messy! Yours look really scrummy though!

    On the Vegan Naan front- Tesco 'light choices' naan bread is vegan as is the 'healthy' naan from Co cop stores. Hope you can track some down for your next curry!