Wednesday, 13 May 2009


I decided this week to make a dinner out of Veganomicon. I'm not quite sure the exact recipe names as I don't have the book with me but can let you know if you are interested. I think they were called Hot Glazed Tempeh, Messy Rice and Creole Stuffed Peppers.

I have never had tempeh before but had bought a block a little while back as I thought it would make a change. I wasn't particularly impressed by the look of it but it was ok. I marinated it in a sauce for around 30 mins before pan frying it. I would buy it again. I thought it tasted kinda cheesy!

Lovely G made my pepper dish and this was really tasty. Considering I don't like chilli and this contained chilli I was pretty happy my head wasn't blown off. : )

The messy rice was again alittle liquidy but that was my fault for adding too much water (I was trying to stop it sticking!).

It took 50 mins to make which on a week night is a long time to be cooking. Will definitely have it on a weekend in future. I halved the recipe so it served two. Unfortunately G is an omni and wouldn't have the 2nd portion. At least dinner on Wednesday is sorted for me.


  1. this looks good. it reminds me of a barbecued tofu dish I once made with extra firm tofu -- you broiled it. very tasty. too bad this took so long.

  2. this looks great, and it sounds like it would have been a lovely warming combination of flavours. I LOVE tempeh, it's so satisfying. thanks for following my blog!