Friday, 29 May 2009

My charity shop finds...

I LOVE charity shops. And car boot sales. And Ebay. I love a bargain. Here are some of my latest purchases.

These earrings were new but in a charity shop - £1.99

Lovely flower and bead bracelet - £1.50

Flower Brooch - £1

Glass Sundae dish - £1.49


  1. Hi, Rachael! I see you've become one of my followers!
    Your blog is great. I love charity shops and car boot sales, too. I've been reading your earlier entries and it appears we share a love of puddings made from silken tofu, too!

  2. Hi Penny, your blog is great too. It's always nice to find another UK based vegan/vegetarian blog. I'm still quite new to silken tofu but evey pudding I have made with it has been scrummy. Just the thought of tofu in a sweet dish held me back for so long. Glad you are following me. I will try to post as often as I can without boring everyone!