Monday, 11 May 2009

Sunday...a day of rest??

I will just start off by saying how good my dinner was last night. As promised here is a pic of it. The potato receipe was from Veganomicon. The end result was quite liquidy (will use less stock next time) but the taste was sooooo good.

I was up early on Sunday as I had planned to go to my local car boot sale with my mum. We go just to buy, not to sell. I only bought a book for £2. It was the latest Trinny and Susannah book. I was going to buy it at Christmas but never did. I'm glad I waited now!

My mum left around 12:30pm and I had an hour before G and I were going out. I had wanted to do my garden on Saturday, but due to getting up late (see previous post) didn't do it. Well an hour was plenty of time as I only have a small garden. I planted some lettuces and broccoli that my mum had grown from seed and just tidied the rest up. We are lucky enough to have a gardener every other week so the lawn had only recently been cut. (The gardener only cuts the lawn and shrubbery).

An allium in my garden

G's mum lives around an hour north of us so we drove up to go say hi. We showed her all our lovely holiday pics and went for a drink down the pub. On the way home we also dropped in on some other relatives for a quick brew.

By the time we got back it was already 7pm! I just had time to heat my dinner before I had to think about going to bed. Oh well most Sundays aren't this busy.
My dinner was the leftover potatoes and veg and a tomato tart I had made on Friday. I didn't really have any lunch which is a usual weekend thing. (Yes I know it's bad to skip meals).

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