Wednesday, 20 May 2009

So many photos...

Well I haven't blogged for a few days but have been taking lots of photos for when I do.

The past week I have been trying out a new cereal for breakfast. It's made of oats and it was so good. When I have cereal I have to eat it quickly before it goes soggy. I didn't have to worry with these, they did not go soggy even after 10 mins of sitting in soya milk. Yum!

Breakfast on Saturday and Sunday is more of a leisurely affair so I made pancakes! I haven't had any since I came back from the USA (the end of April). Mine are really simple to make, just self raising flour, bicarbonate of soda, baking powder, sugar, oil and soya milk. Sometimes I like to add lemon juice and sultanas but this time I just made a plain batter. I always have them with maple syrup. I don't understand the American way of serving them with savoury items like eggs or sausages. I find it the strangest thing. Pancakes should definitely only be accompanied by sweet items.

I went shopping in Kettering midday on Saturday and popped into Holland and Barratt. I love to stock my freezer up with vegan products I just can't buy anywhere else in the town. I try not to eat convenience foods all the time but when I am busy it helps to have something I can just shove in the oven. I popped into Home Bargains to try and get some cat litter bags (they didn't have any) but I spotted silken tofu. I've never seen it in there before and it was at the bargain price of just 19p per carton (that's like 50cents to anyone reading from the US). I bought five because at that price you just have to. I may even go back again and get some more. I love making puddings with them.

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