Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Shopping and relaxing

The past few days I have been busy shopping and relaxing. We have had some lovely warm weather here which has meant I have been able to have my roof down on my car. I do love my car! Will post some pics in the future...
I have been doing lots of shopping lately in preparation for my sister's 30th birthday. I bought her this lovely Lush gift set but when it came to handing it over I couldn't! Even I don't get presents this good!

The facewash I am currently using has almost ran out (it wasn't vegan....boo) so I treated myself to the Lush Herbalism facewash. I can't wait to start using it.

G and I went food shopping in Waitrose recently (it's too expensive for us to do our food shop there every week). Since watching the channel 4 programme about Willie and his chocolate factory we have been wanting to sample his bars. There are 2 varieties available, 72% and 70%. They are very expensive for what you get, £3.99 each. I really didn't like either of them. They are far too bitter and we both decided not to buy them again. Sorry Willie, I like what you are doing but we're definietly not converts....

A dinner I made this past week was Cholent from Veganomicon. I halved the recipe but it still took me 4 days to eat it. I had never tried the TVP chunks before and it did take me a couple of days to get used to them. Very chewy, very meat like. The Cholent was good though especially with mashed potato. This was my first day with rice.

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